Do you want a gift Card?

your card to pay something like gsd, buy groceries,shop online and more!!Can be used everywhere and debit master card are accepted in USA.

shop as most merchants cannot determine the balance on your card log in to check your card balance and more.

Determine the balance on your card log in to check your card balance and more.

Give your card to the cashier when making a purchase be sure to know your balance before you shop


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What is Onevanilla gift card?

There are two types of prepaid Visa cards. Reloadable prepaid Visa cards are debit cards with a spending limit set by the amount of money you have placed in the card account.

Visa gift cards have a spending limit that cannot be increased.

Billing Address

The key to using any prepaid Visa card for online purchases is that it must be registered to your name and billing address since many internet sites require this information, as well as the three-digit CVV code on the back, to verification of identity.

More secure than bank debit cards

Using a prepaid Visa card for online purchases eliminates the possibility of having problems with your checking account if your debit card information is stolen in transit, while you are shopping online.

Purchase protection

Visa prepaid cards offer the same purchase protection as regular Visa cards if you need to dispute a transaction.

Better than credit

Visa prepaid cards are debit cards and not credit cards, so it’s like using cash for online purchases because you don’t pay any interest.

How to check how much money is left on a Onevanilla gift card?

The Visa gift card or Visa gift card has become the perfect replacement for Amazon gift cards.

Not only are they one of the preferred options of parents and grandparents to give an attractive gift to their children and grandchildren, but they also give you the opportunity to use them in any store.

In fact, there are some compulsive shoppers who decide to give themselves a Visa gift card to avoid falling into the temptation and overspending, especially during sales and holiday seasons, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas.

But what is a Visa gift card?

Unlike prepaid cards – which are also a versatile way to give money and can be reloaded with balance whenever you want – Visa gift cards can only receive funds once, which is when they are purchased or preloaded.

Because they have a limited amount of funds for discretionary use, once the balance reaches zero, they can no longer be used.

In itself, the Visa gift card has an appearance similar to a common credit card, although – due to its operation – it is more like a debit card:

You have a card number that follows the world banking format.
  • It has a security number or code on the back of the card.
    It has an expiration date printed in the same place as regular credit cards.
    Unlike Amazon’s virtual gift cards, you can use your Visa gift card wherever you want, from your favorite online store to your neighborhood pharmacy.
  • Some cards only work within the United States. To find out if your Visa gift card is valid internationally, check that it does not have the legend “Valid only in the United States” on the face of the card.

Visa gift card – opening balance

The preloaded balance a Visa gift card can have will depend on the card issuer. Some Visa gift cards have limits of USD $ 1,000 while others exceed it and, in some cases, do not even reach USD $ 500.

Usually, the limit of Visa gift cards will depend on the format of the gift card.

Some are valid for use in a closed circuit, that is, in the issuer’s store.

Others are also valid in stores affiliated with an establishment.

And many of them are accepted in any store. You can verify if your Visa gift card is closed or open circuit by examining the design of the card. Limited gift cards typically feature the company name and logo.

Check the Visa gift balance step by step

You can check your Visa gift balance in two ways: through a phone call or, in some cases, online.

Free call to the card’s phone number
To check your Visa gift balance through a phone call, look for the phone number on the back of the card.

Follow the system prompts.

Remember to have the gift card on hand because they will ask for the number, the date of issue or expiration and the security code.

Check Visa Gift Balance Online

Not all Visa gift cards allow this option. Verification of the remaining balance will depend on the card issuer.

Below you will find a list with the issuers that have enabled -so far- the verification of the funds of the Visa gift cards online:

  • Walmart
  • Federal Navy
  • Visa Onevanilla Gift Cards
  • Gift Card Mall
  • Commerce Bank

Once you enter the official page of each of the issuers, the system will ask you for the card number, the expiration date (MM / YY) and the CVV, which is the security code on the back of the card.

However, if you have bought a mobile phone, a television or an appliance, you may prefer to keep it.

If you need to return it due to factory defects, the store will ask you for the card you used to pay.

How to give a Visa gift card?

If you want to give a Visa gift card to a friend or relative, visit the official page. Here you will find a list of available Visa gift cards.

How to register my Visa Prepaid Debit Gift Card

A great alternative today for the best gift is a prepaid Visa debit gift card.

Prepaid means that you deposit money on the card in advance to spend in physical stores and online.

Deciding which is the best gift for someone you know is a somewhat complicated matter.

Finding something that you really appreciate that doesn’t take too much of our time to find is a challenge.

Visa offers various options on prepaid cards, you can learn more on their website
So-called “gift cards” are just spending cards.

So they do not allow cash withdrawals, and most are not reloadable.
The Visa prepaid debit gift card, on the other hand, allows you to make purchases and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

They are popular for curbing overspending

A Visa debit card is a valid possibility as a corporate gift. tells us other options to thank our clients.

Onevanilla prepaid debit card benefits

Prepaid Visa debit gift cards are used by different people for different reasons.
By registering your card, you protect yourself and your money in the event that it is stolen or lost.

How to register your Prepaid Visa debit card?

Look at the plastic to find out which institution issued the card. Each prepaid Visa debit gift card is issued by a different institution. Each institution will regulate the steps to register each prepaid Visa debit card.

Read the documents that come with your prepaid Visa debit gift card. Each card comes with instructions and numbers that you can call to activate and register your debit card.

You can also locate the sticker on the front of the Prepaid Visa Debit Gift Card. The sticker has a phone number or website address, or both.

You will need to know the numbers on the front and back of the card. Both are required for activation. Call the number on the label and follow the automatic prompts.

When requested, enter the numbers that appear on the front of the card (usually 16 digits, such as a credit or debit card). Enter the numbers on the back of the card, or verification code (CVC).

The automated system will indicate that the card has been activated and is ready for use.

These instructions may vary from one institution to another, however the procedure is similar for all types of cards.

There is no single way to activate or register this card, so you must follow the instructions provided.
How do I buy a Onevanilla Gift Card®, a gift card for shops or restaurants or a card to download games and music?

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